How do you really connect with people? When do you feel the snap of recognition? What draws you to another? Once drawn how do they spark the interest to take you into a further conversation and possibly persuade you to meet again?
There is a knack to it and you can learn and it in as little as 60 minutes. In this day and age of snap chatting, tinder swiping and scrolling if you can’t explain what your about in a minute then you may miss the opportunity that’s right around every corner or right in front of you.
Focus on your contribution to others. How is your story bigger than you? You are more than just a collection of features and benefits. Whose lives do you improve? What’s your Why as Simon Sinek says, “It’s not what you do or how you do it’s why you do it.”
Use a descriptive story to hook your listener and ignite their imagination with imagery. So instead of a charity for homeless you walk among those on the street and create 1 to 1 connections to transform their lives. You’re not just an accountant but business partner giving SME financial freedom to create their dreams.
Drill down and get specific! If you’re a printer tell the story of how color is an important part of the process. Getting the exact purple from a pantone color wheel to make a message stand out or brand colors true is the gift you bring. You don’t have to give me a lesson on printing but you could reveal a detail and make it gleam with specific meaning.
Why is what you do essential? What’s your niche or USP (unique selling point?) Demonstrate how you are meeting a need over looked. Or something so specialized that you won’t find it anywhere else quite like this.
Keep it simple and short. This will lend confidence and straightforward language will build trust and encourage your listener to ask questions that lead on from what you introduced rather than just ask you to explain yourself. Boil it down to basic language and make it conversational! You never know when those elevator doors will open and there’s someone from the Dragons Den or the person of your dreams and you have just that ride up to the top floor to make your a connection!