There are always things to get in the way of creating what we want, getting our message out there a million and one excuses for not taking the first step for all the obstacles and sustained effort involved.

We admire people that overcome seemingly insurmountable odds to accomplish amazing things.  We only see the tip of the iceberg though.  We go to a festival or sporting event and applaud the  performance offered up in front of us without any real appreciate for the everyday commitment to showing up and training and practicing and the lessons learned every step of the way.

The seeds you sow grow in cultivated soil, carefully tended. These tasks are small and daily but necessary and important.  What does it matter that you have to tend to the kids or graft for a pay check?  There are all sorts of silences –especially for women.  Exiles occur, pivots transitions, detours are part of the journey. You have kids, a job that takes over your life, love is won, lost perverted…you lose that job, you are suddenly faced with life changing health problems.

Do not mourn this or use it as a blind behind which you hide; life is no excuse.  It’s an exercise in belief and perseverance –the very reason to live!  Respond with Alright! I can work anyway!

You will always find a way to cultivate your message to pass it on if you absolutely believe it must be heard.  How many times have governments or institutions tried to silence those who believed in a cause like abolishing unfair labour practices, discrimination, environment preservation, violence and human rights.  Difficult situations are opportunities for learning.  Necessity is the mother of invention. Let’s face it most people start a business or become an expert because they had a problem that needed solving and no solutions were out there.

It starts with the desire to live better.  To solve a simple problem.  To share what you’ve learned –your wisdom.

Play with the kids. Take the dog for a walk. Immerse yourself in service but all the while cultivate your garden of growth. 

Work any way you can

This is your expression in the world.  Think of all the artists, scientists, inventors—real visionaries weren’t recognized or appreciated until after their death.

The more you practice it –it will seek you.  The more you DO IT even if it’s in that precious hour while the house still sleeps, the first bit of the morning that isn’t yet smudged with demand and duty, do it anyway.  Make it part of what you do and who you are.  Take it with you everywhere. Walk it. Talk it. Invite others to join you on the path. Whether it’s sharing your vision or just like minded company—people who believe in doing it anyway too!

Think of the real story of Johnny Appleseed.  As American as apple pie? The apples native to American soil were small and tart “spitters”—named for what you’d likely do if you took a bite of one. But this made them ideal for making hard cider and applejack.  Johnny cultivated his seeds by planting hundreds of thousands of them everywhere.  Always carrying a sack of seed.  Giving it away scattering it everywhere.  Until eventually the seeds took and tree after tree began to come into existence and then orchards grew.

.If you have a message or a dream or plan find a way to cultivate it. Pass it on.  The world needs more good ideas at work and play.  We need everybody’s wisdom.  Share yours today!