OMG the boiler is out again and I can’t get it relit!  This keeps happening and I think it must be prophetic as I have had plumbers and the ‘Heateam’ from the manufacuter out…all scratching their heads and stroking their chins and sucking in their breath wondering what to do…

When the fire goes out what does it say about your dwelling place? That there is no life there? That it’s time to move on?  How do you rekindle a flame that has gone out?

First you need a spark.  To create a spark you have to strike to things together over very dry little bits of something that burns.  What burns: what yearns? What is inflamed awaiting that spark?

There is a little doll that is jumping up and down in my pocket telling me it’s time to make a move… go to the wise old woman of the forest…She will make you separate the chafe from the grain the seed from the ash the night from the day…but remember if you know too much you grow old too soon.

NOW strike and remember to breathe for nothing ever caught fire without oxygen, fuel and heat!