“…what I know for sure is that speaking your truth is the most powerful tool we all have.” Oprah Winfrey Golden Globes Speech for Lift Time Achievement

Everybody has a story to tell.  Telling our story authentically; simply and truly is the most powerful tool we all have. So says Oprah; so say survivors of personal tragedy or life ordeal.  So say the producers of Broadway’s now global phenomenon Hamilton, which tells the story of Alexander Hamilton and indeed the founding of America. Echoed throughout the play is the refrain “Who lives, Who dies, Who keeps your flame Who tells your story?”

Organisations scramble trying to find their voice through stories of origin, vison and character to give themselves a personality a relevance.  Many times, soliciting the stories of their clients and customers to engender empathy – the holy connection of any story.  I see me in the story and the story shows me a path idea or possibility I’d forgotten or had yet to imagine.

How do you speak your truth and where does that story come from?  It comes from all the moments of your life when you thought you could and did. Didn’t think you could and tried.  All the times when you thought you’d messed up so bad that nothing would ever be good again.  All the times when everything was so good you wanted to believe it would last forever. It’s in these Threshold Moments your story reveals its truth and the path you take there and onward give the story its shape.

What drives you to have to tell your story?  To put a something to rights?  To clear your conscious? To alert and warn? Perhaps to enlighten, entertain, encourage others to tell theirs? Or maybe because it’s time to stand up and be heard. 

Take the time to reflect on these moments and share your memories with someone who holds the space, honestly listening and feeding back to you what they see, feel and hear allowing the pieces to fall together into your story.  Once upon a time, not twice not thrice just once and never again…

Although each story is unique there is that common thread that is the is the tie that binds us together.  When Joseph Campbell set out to find the mono-myth with the theory we all actually tell the same story; he uncovered thousands of variants and boiled them down to the Heroes Journey. But although there was a commonality it’s the variations that give each story their uniqueness and reveal specifics of the culture they come from.  Remember stories contain our DNA.  When you listen really listen to a skilled teller or someone who is so vulnerable and speaks their truth from the heart you hear it: irrefutable TRUTH and you identify with it.  It will resonate within you as truth for you.

There is no longer a separation between the personal story and the public persona whether that person is a sport entertainment or political icon.  You are always a person first.  And what is happening now is ‘The Truth Will Out’ and the bones surface and the buried tell-tale heart beats.

If your story is false it is failing.  If your story is true it gathers momentum.  Evidenced in the #metoo and #timesup #blacklivesmatter stories.  Evidenced also in the Trump platform which allowed all the disenfranchised an opportunity to voice their anger and dissatisfied passions.  But a story needs a focus an underlying theme which drives it.  Vengeance. Injustice. Freedom. Courage. Love. Hate. Success. Failure.

Find your story.  Listen out for it.  Tell it in your words, actions and in service to others.  Speak UP Speak OUT!  For as  Campbell also observed:  “…the privilege of a lifetime is being who you are.”

If you feel called to speak your truth and tell your story but need that held space and guiding experienced hand get in touch for a discovery call let’s work together 1:1 or drop into a workshop. Threshold Moments or Story DE:Coded and let’s hear your story!