Tune IN by Tuning OUT

Just like a radio there is so much static interference from the noise and all the shiny yell-y seductive Freak-quencies, including your own ‘crap-channel’ disparaging berating ego driven voice.  Screaming false warnings and questioning everything like an OCD obsessive.

Finding your authentic voice, speaking your truth, telling your story all happens when you allow yourself a clear clean breath and tune into your vibration. Your highest vibe mentally and physically– it sounds the clearest and simplest and resonates the deepest.

First find Silence.

Filtering through all the static to find just the band width carrying the most consistent, pure sound.

Authentic Voice

How do you find yours? It starts with breath.  Are you brave enough to allow the breath to fill deep and wide relax your abdominals so the lungs the ribs expand to push the diaphragm down.  Then exhale completely.  Use those abdominals to push it all out.  This breath is the foundation of your voice supporting your sound. Feeding your brain and body all the oxygen it needs to be fully awake and to resonate sound at full power.  It’s this energy that attracts and compels people to listen and take action. BUT if you words don’t match this energy …you will repel.  As repellent as a clanging bell with only ‘puff and blow – strutting and fretting’ in the words of Shakespeare.  Your energy is your vibe and it is expresses in your vocal tone, resonance and physical deportment.


To feel the vibration of your vibe resonating and awakening your true energy; consider tuning your physical ‘instrument’ with a tonal progression vocal warm-up.  I use the Vocal Pyramid developed by Kristin Linklater  for actors from her book Freeing Shakespeare’s Voice


When you speak out loud, notice your body clues. Does what you’re saying resonate with you?  Does it make you feel joyful? Energised? Or does it make you cringe and squirm?  If you feel stable balanced grounded and energised like a fire burning in your gut and your tone is flexible and indeed inflective of the emotion you wish to convey, then you are in your TRUTH.

Put it altogether –this heady mix of sound, movement, glance and gesture and you will embody your vision –Your Truth.  Your Truth is the cornerstone of your story. Tell it!

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