OMG! The sky is falling! Brexit is happening but no one knows what is next and everyone is feeding the fear.  We’re all gonna die!  Or are we? An inciting incident – an event in a story which cause disturbance, changing the pattern of the current reality also opens up a gap creating a portal into a brand-new reality we can shape with our choices and our vision.

The King is Dead; Long Live the King… just carries on the same legacy doesn’t it?  The banks fail so bail them out and look for a scapegoat – the poor and vulnerable.  Iceland was the one country that defied the global consensus and did not bail out its bankers. True, there was shock to the system. But it was relatively short, and once the pain was dealt with, the country has bounced back stronger than ever.

Telling an inspiring VISION STORY is what makes you a leader.  Enfolded in it is your purpose and your dream…not your plan.  When Martin Luther King made his famous speech, he spoke about his dream not his plan.  When General Eisenhower gave orders he only told soldiers what he wanted them to do –not how to do it.  Even those who believe in Law of Attraction understand no amount of physical manipulation will create the world that we wish to see. All of the work is done on the inside, in our minds.

It starts with a vision which you can manifest with words then action.  When you put the idea, the dream, the vision our there…LANGUAGE it  you attract awareness and interest leading to consideration and contribution.  This moves your vision into the next phase of becoming manifest.  “…The word was made flesh and dwelt among us”

Consider the age old story Stone Soup.  Hungry and tired the soldiers, who were just regular people who happened to have been in service to an army, now they were out of a job and on their way home.  They come upon a town.  The townspeople have seen them coming and agree ‘oh no here we go again…they are coming to take our food –we’ll hide everything’. Having been refused food or shelter the soldiers make do.  They ask for a pot and announce they are going to make soup with a stone.  Curious, the townspeople draw near to see this miracle.  As they fill the pot with water and gather the wood for the fire they drop in the ‘soup stone’ and stir remarking on how amazing it will taste—even better if there was a bone with a bit of meat to give it some flavour, or potato to thicken the broth, maybe even a few carrots would make it delightful.  One and then another townsperson contributes just these few things and soon the pot is bubbling away and smelling wonderful.  In the end the soldiers make the most amazing soup –enough for the whole town and they have a party to boot to celebrate the success of making soup from a magical stone.

Everyone participates, contributes and is fed.  Not only an example of true collectivism but of making something from nothing but a vision of what it could be.

Uncertainty is a GIFT and opens the gap for a NEW VISION to be put forward with an invitation for everyone who wants to contribute to join you in the building and pursuing a dream they share. This leads to building not only your vision but attracting your tribe.

Seth Godin argues the Internet has ended mass marketing and revived a human social unit from the distant past: tribes. Founded on shared ideas and values, tribes give ordinary people the power to lead and make big change.

How do you Build your Tribe? Sell Relations? Magic? Vision? Story? By daring to dream.  Find  your FIRE story and TELL IT!

Finish this thought: Imagine if…. Ever wish…. Have you ever… Your story is your power to IGNITE AND SHINE if no one hears it how can we see your vision and align with it?  Feel into the experience of you?  Getting into your own story beings you in closer proximity with your own passion and strikes at the heart of your own deepest desire catching it alight.  Fan the flames and focused it becomes creative action.

I work with innovators on boarding first adapters.  Giving them a story they can tell to illuminate the value of their new application, service, product so it is understood and can be adapted and the story spread and enhanced by every new adapter.  Just like stone soup. The soup is enriched by everyone’s contribution and we are all fed.

Do you want to discover your FIRE STORY?  One to serve as a cornerstone for you VISONARY  PRESENTATION?  Let’s find it, craft it and present it in a public forum.  We need leaders with a vision they can share.  Discover it today. Share your vision.