Just a quick Google search reveals that 90% of people fear speaking in public! Yet word of mouth and personal interaction is your biggest and best selling tool!

So what are you scared of?

fear speaking in public!  Yet word of mouth and personal interaction is your biggest and best selling tool!

So what are you scared of?

Here’s what a quick survey of some of my clients say petrify them:

  • Forgetting what I’m are going to say!
  • What will people think/say/do?
  • Everybody is looking at me!
  • How do I answer questions?
  • What If….something unexpected happens??!!

Great Stories Are Practiced.  But no story is static. It evolves based on who you’re talking to, where you are, what you need to get across.  On top of that, your presentation has to accommodate constant learning. Every day you have new information to work with every audience stretches you in a new way.  Try bits of it out on friends. Get comfortable with your own voice; your message.  These bite sized bits of presentation are perfect for the next networking event.

Have a Structure so you can take the whole room on a journey together. This means there has to be a narrative arc with a beginning, middle with plot points and conclusion.  Make some simple note cards to clue those salient points  – like the bones of a story.  When you’re in command of your material, creating this structure is in your control.

Share Your Passion!  Make it mean something to us – why should we care?  if you are committed to why you must speak then you won’t forget and you will take us all with you as collaborators.

Accept Allow and Include!  Whatever happens happens accept it!  Allow what is happening to happen. (i.e people ignore you, shout out, pass out, fall asleep –  the sound, lighting, visuals go wrong) then include it in what you do next.  An excellent example of this is the difference between Steve Jobs at the 2007 launch of games consoles and Micheal Bay tanking at the Samsung Conference.

Take Your Queen Card with you.  What are the qualities of a Queen that anyone recognizes whether she is enthroned with purple robes or in rags in the goose yard?  Embody the qualities of dignity, wisdom, calm, beauty, generosity and courage.  Leaders that are beloved and followed show up from a place of connection, love and leadership – their goal is to impart the gifts of these qualities to those who join them in their purpose.