Talking Listening Creating Together

Do you need to keep your teams connected, motivated and communicating constructively while working flexibly?

All teams are a resource of intellectual perspective and collective wisdom if there is a clear container and method for communicating and developing ideas.  Now more than ever as we operate remotely with most employees working flexibly or at home; how do you keep working as a team?

Diverse teams have different communication styles and agendas. This workshop will cover how to keep your teams engaged, communicating effectively from different perspective but singing like a choir with productive harmonization . It’s about collective communication based on a TAPE model listening with empathy instead of APE listen to me first.

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Workshop Overview

  • Understand how collective problem solving is a strong business strategy

  • Learn the art of reflective listening and “Seek first to understand, then be understood.

  • How to develop ideas using devising techniques

  • Create a culture of storytelling by identifying the basics of telling a stories

  • Put methods of improvisation into practice so meetings are productive creative and FUN

  • Access to a toolkit of materials to use during and after