When I was a dancer I loved tape. I taped everything. Shoes. Clothes. Taping toes, joints, muscles….any pain –tape its mouth shut! Tape seemed to afford the strength, the stability that my body somehow lacked. It was like I was literally holding myself together with TAPE!

What would happen when the tape came off? Could I move without it? Would I fall apart?

I had a doll when I was younger and I used to put band-aids (plasters) on her every time I dropped her or threw her or she bashed herself and when she was naughty and got a smack a band-aid healed all…or that was the hope; but it definitely put a lid on it. Soon there were so many band-aids my dolly was plastered with them! You could barely see the doll for the TAPE!

I loved the workout of dance: moving, stretching, fluid flowing shapes one into another…clean lines, controlled motion of the body. Expanding metamorphosing into contact- improv; Althetitisim disguised as theatre.

I’ve always had a lot of energy and have always tended to THROW myself into things with absolute commitment and belief that ability would, of course, develop in the doing. For the most part this was true—feeling the stretch and strain the burn the pain…But now I am old –er I feel the wear & tear. I am learning how to heal. I am actually learning to acknowledge

I recently found the dolly, looking through a time capsule like drawer of childhood things; searching for some important long lost document. I removed the tape that covered the doll piece by sticky piece and underneath I found the doll fully restored almost like a mummy unwrapped. She was as good as new!