Spinning Straw into Gold isn’t as hard as it could be you see for straw is at least the right color, but it takes practice.  What you must do is to sit very still at the spinning wheel and think of all the golden things in the forest: of lichens that blossom a golden green on the rocks, the first fresh wet leaves of springtime, the spidery flowers on hazel branches, the bright sunshiny stripes of the bumble bee sipping on clover, the flash of goldfinches in the hedge and the owl eyes blinking deep in the woods.  Even the iridescent buttercups glossy with sticky yellow glow and the dust of dandelions can be gathered into your heart and head and eye and then–this is the tricky bit– you need to spin the spinning wheel very very fast without breaking the rhythm and allow the love in your heart to pump to the rhythm of that spinning wheel as it whirrrrrs and whizzzzes and that is it really.

The straw will then become a stream of golden thread which you can use to stitch together or weave through cloth, events, ideas or make into a net for catching and holding fast.  Just whatever you would use thread for.  Only this thread is brighter and lighter and stronger than any other that comes from flax or cotton or wool.