I see you because I’ve been one of you.  You there in the shadows supporting someone else.  There in the margins seemingly unseen by those in the spotlight –you are the ones who see everything.  Your unique advantage gives you the opportunity to observe unobserved, so you see more than the big picture you see the whole picture from behind the scenes to underneath the scene.

But here’s the thing; you’re so good at supporting and nurturing and promoting someone or something else when it comes to representing yourself you don’t know what to say!  Or sometimes even how to go about it.  It’s like a Doctor trying to perform surgery on themselves!

Shadow people occupy these fringe places in some cases because they don’t feel worthy of the light….’Oh I couldn’t be that good.’ ‘…I’m not really ready to…I haven’t really achieved… deserve…’

But the world is crying out for you and what you know.  You’ve amassed a mountain of experience and knowledge from your unique vantage of invisibility. Now you are ready to put into practice what you have been teaching.  What you have been doing for others you can now do for yourself.  Promote yourself.  Your business. Your aspirations. Your view point needs to be heard!

What is really holding you back?  Out of your ‘comfort zone’ in front of people?  Not at all sure you have anything of importance to say? Or maybe you gagging to get up there and play with the caliber of people you’ve aspired to be so in deference you’ve been coaching them, or doing their PR, building their websites, writing that book you now need to promote.  The work you’ve created behind a camera or in a craft studio now needs to have YOU introduce it to the world.

Have you thought about what you’ll say—I bet you have; about 1000 times.  But when is there ever going to be a ‘good’ time? A good enough time?

Today is the DAY!  I have designed a workshop with you in mind. Tailored it to appeal in what ever way you and our staff find themselves.  Maybe it’s time for the louder voices to listen to these ‘fringe’ people who’ve been watching and listening and seen it all.

Gone is the era of the Smartest Guy in the Room.  Welcome the Most Observant One.  Gone is the era of Broadcast.  Now is the era of Share.

Come and share your light with the insights that only you have we are ready to listen.