Just keep swimming just keep swimming that’s what Dory in ‘Finding Nemo’ advises us to do.  Certainly when we are moving or making the motions of movement we feel like we’re at least trying and ‘getting somewhere’.

Are we?

In the case of a rip tide just keep swimming will lead to exhaughtion and eventually death.

People ask how long I’ve been on the island.  People ask how did I get here.  I ask myself: what the hell happened.

I got sucked in by a rip tide. Seemingly calm waters that actually have no tide at all.  Here you are in a situation that seems calm and safe but there is no flow water just collects and collects and seeps further and further away from shore or your destination…goal.  Suddenly you are tired of swimming and swimming and further away from your goal despite all your effort.  There is no pull from the Sun or the Moon. There is only temperature and density–so equate that with mood and resource.

I was headed toward the goal of actually expanding my platform for work doing things in a broader sense of community doing things on a larger scale more expertise.  Instead water kept rising.  More holdups hangups frustration… but there you are in the swim in the water and with no waves or measure to tell you it’s just suddenly you realise- you can’t touch bottom and you are miles from the safety of land.  You keep swimming.  The water keeps rising…you keep swimming the water drifts you further and further out to sea.

Suddenly you are exhausted!! Do you go under from continued exhersion?

Abandon the swimming.

Float. Relax. Look up. Breath! Then start swimming parrallel to the shore toward the choppy water and finally movement!  Finally edd & flow! Finally Land Ho!

Make every stroke & kick count.  Don’t be afraid to rest and watch.  Feel for real motion.