Besides looking at your notes over and over or checking your slides…do you have a plan?  How about a few minutes of guided rehearsal with a director who can guide you with acting and storytelling tools towards your best result


For 60 minutes at £47 we will work on your presentation focus on the result you want to achieve and work out practical content & delivery tips to get you there

Would you like to:

✓ Communicate with confidence, clarity and authority

✓ Know how to LISTEN to members of the panel

✓ Use the energy in the room

✓ Define ANCHORING POINTS to aligns with your MESSAGE

✓ Positively influence your audience to ACTION

You will discover:

✓ How to start conversation
✓ Clearly define who you are and what you do
✓ Expand on your process and outcomes
✓ Facilitate connections that lead to new business relationships

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“I didn’t know I needed a Tagline and after an hour I have a fabulous one that will help me get speaking in any situation.”
Helen Gifford, SEN Consulting
“Great morning Stacia! Made me think outside of the box and find things to say that will touch people’s emotions. Thank you!”