Traditional Storytelling for Children & Adults

Performances, Residencies & Workshops

I feature regularly as a performance storyteller at story clubs and festivals, as well as libraries, educational establishments, theatres and public events.

My style is conversational & physical with the vocal variety that brings characters and situations into the room and creates a multi-sensory experience.

I have a repertoire of tales to suit any time, venue or audience – and am always learning new stories, devising new programs and exploring new ways of working with audiences.

Here’s a sample of programmes I’ve created so far:

Selkie Women: Weaving the Wild Feminine:  The story of the Selkie is a very wise old tale confronting us with some challenging taboos around consent, entrapment, loss of freedom, and abandonment. Finding your soulskin; especially women who have experienced life interruptions such as childbirth, survival work and caregiver. How do we pick up the threads of our soul skin remake ourselves and find our way back home? Commissioned for  O.N.C.A. gallery exhibit Weaving the Wild Feminine March 2018,  featured in The Red Alachigh tent at Oxford Story Festival 2018

Beauty & the Cinderbiters: What happens when you awake up after 100 years and there is no prince? What becomes of the young people who sleep in their own ash with glowing embers for food… what is Beauty and how do we become who we’re meant to be? Seen at Into the Wild Festival, Brighton Storytellers, Torriano Storynights  2017

Heroes & Heroics:  Premiered at the Pen 2 Page Berkshire Book Awards 2012, this wove together tales of Greek Heroes Atlas and Hercules and Dickens’ Heroes Oliver Twist and Little Dorrit, highlighting the themes of oppression and love with Olympic references.  Also featured at Royal Borough of Windsor & Maidenhead Libraries

Deep Dark Grimm Forest: Developed to celebrate the bicentenary of the publication of Grimm’s Household Stories for National Book Week 2012. A mash-up of comptemporary and traditional telling of The Singing Bones, The Goose Girl, Little Red Riding Hood and Hansel & Gretel. Premiered at Kennet Secondary School in Thatchem.

Wind, Water & Wonder: Featured at FatE 2011 in the Children’s Tent, Stories of Mermaids, Sailors, Sedna, Birds and Wondertales. As part of our session we made and flew kites!

Tales of Light in the Season of Night : A selection of Solstice stories from around the world! Ameteresu Omi Komi, Balder of Norse Lands, Babushka, Schnitzel Schnatzel and Schnootzel… and even the Grinch makes an appearance!  These stories all honour the return of the Sun and giving of gifts that light the way!

Knock at the Door: Stories of many cultures admonish children to beware of the knock at the door!  Is it truly a friend or a foe?  Includes The 6 Goat Kids, Three Little Pigs, Heckety Peg and many others.

Shadows, Mystery & Magic: Ghost stories! and more of supernatural happenings and unexplained events some of them funny some of them down right spooky-oooky! Developed over several years of doing the Jack o Lantern gallery walk with Braywick Nature Centre.

Cabbages & Kings: In development and inspired by the expeditions that put Kew Gardens at the heart of what became known as Economic Botany.  Plant Hunters, Spice Traders, How Nations were built and fortunes made and lost.

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