But while everyone is concentrating on technique getting ‘booked’  I think some of the reason behind the need to speak are getting lost.  I am seeing people exhibiting their hard learned technique to raise their personal or business profile and forgetting the real importance is the message.

Coaches and clubs do some great things like:  allow you to have that public forum to practice in for one.  Offer you feedback and perhaps even guidance. But beware the ‘uhm’ counters and the ‘critique’ comments offered up like tick lists out of some critical guide to speaking playbook.  They are far from really addressing the how and why of Speaking in Public or developing you as a leader or helping you discover your voice.

What makes people an Authority? Because they are assumed to know an awful lot given their associations and membership with a club or they really do know an awful lot as a practitioner?  I would say the former in these club situations.  Membership and being able to communicate clearly and confidently in public is of course a fine and necessary thing.  But what about the STORY that you are telling?  Is it your story?  Does it reflect your real experience and expertise?  Your perspective?  It there a discovery about you that we can learn about you then find in ourselves?  Is it inspiring? Does it educate or enlighten…make us laugh in recognition? 

Think about the NEED to speak and the feeling you want your talk to exude.  Your popularity and exquisite technical prowess isn’t the central issue. Your passion and real personal experiences especially the failures, foibles and humour keep it real and possess the power of persuasion.

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