What happens after a 100 years sleep?  Supposedly you should’ve earned a kiss after 100 years (+ one day) and waken to new life and in the arms of the kissing prince and all the kingdom awakes and and all is happy and …

But what if the prince left you or you’ve been passed by and the 100yrs+day comes and you wake up because it’s started to rain –very hard and there is no kiss no prince no happiness just you in the middle of a briar forest and you have to somehow find your way out!

How do you do that?  I haven’t always wondered this but I started wondering this when I found myself wide awake and surrounded by briars, prickers, a forest of thorns….What’s a girl to do?

You could slither in between the branches like a snake.  Cut your way out? Yes but with what?  And what is strong enough to cut through briars?