“Let us also produce some bold act of our own –join the ranks of the most emulated.”


One of the things I hear every time I run a workshop, training or 1:1 coaching session is ‘I don’t have a story’ Yes you do!! Loads of them. ‘But my stories are boring or sad or depressing’ That’s what you think.  What you need is to crack those stories open, reduce them to the bare bones, and find the spine of your story.

Tell your story and be an inspiration to others

The spine of every story is the enduring reoccurring thematic metaphor that underpins everything.  You can use the same story over and over and pull out different aspects of your story.  What do you need to talk about?  Courage? When did you have to summon courage?  Where did you witness it? What gives you courage?  What does it look like, feel like, sound like, smell like?

As leaders, and we all are –especially if we are running our own business; we need to tell a story that inspires.  Inspires generosity.  Inspires radical transformation.  Think of what theme you need to inspire in your team, audience, clients or a new market.  Then go to the shadows and have a root around.  What’s an event a story that’s done and dusted that you have to tell?  Flatten it out and discover the landscape of it; all the themes of feeling, place, look, smell, taste… Distil what happened to the bare bones of a point by essential event point outline.  Then find the intersect between the two. Then you craft it so the metaphors you use reflect the truth of your experience and reinforce the story you need to tell.

Tommy Caldwell and Kevin Jorgeson’s feat of free climbing the Dawn Wall was a vision which Tommy had dreamed …

We need your stories.  Your truth.  Especially in a world saturated with trauma and sensationalist falsehoods.  Speak up and speak right to the one person who you want to inspire.  Like a parent encourages a child or teacher enlightens a student or a mate shares with a trusted friend. Shine that light and let us witness your truth.  No one sees it like you and no one can tell it like you.

Here’s the thing:  We can either be consumers or creators. We either admire or emulate.  Surely one should ignite in us the power to accomplish the other.