Everybody is always banging on about their 60 Seconds in which they try to cram in as many of their features and benefits as possible. Or their Elevator Pitch. Which usually sound like an advert full of bogus brags and empty promises.  When was the last time you took an elevator with a prospect?

Ditch the old-style features and benefits style of pitching and TELL A ONE MINUET STORY!

This is a story about you.  Why you are on the road you’re on? Don’t know?  Think about what brought you here.  What’s the challenge you face right now? Lean into and tell that story. Start in the middle where the points of the compass meet–east west south and north meet right where you stand in the heat of the action. Speak in the present tense as much you can.  If it’s a vision you are imparting, then the prophetic voice –future tense.

Just a minute! Is a theatre game I play all the time to get people on their feet and talking.  Try it for yourself; set a prompt of topic and speak for a minute. Like ‘never again’ or ‘treasure’ or ‘that was a close one’

Bet you come up with some reminisces or experiences, wishes, hopes and dreams are the same as the people you are trying to connect to.  Be disciplined –only a minute!  Tie it all together and remember no Repetition, Deviation or Pausing foreeeever.

Once you get in this habit you can tell a one-minute story about what lead you to your business name or what you would do if failure and funding weren’t an obstacle.

I love listening to people and discovering their story.  It’s like a that chunk of gold that you can make and remake for any occasion.  Let me help you with a dedicated Power Hour of crafting the One Minute Story!  Contact me story@staciakeogh.co.uk to schedule it for your story and never pitch again!