I recently started to explore open water swimming.  It has been calling me for some while this need to immerse myself and challenge myself.  Once you are out in the Lake there is no where to touch down.  You have to keep going.  Reaching out, kicking …Breathing

In our entrepreneurial journey or life adventure you have to take leaps of faith and rise to the challenge.  More than metaphorically.  By really doing something viscerally prove to yourself you can do it, you are doing it!  Take the lessons of discipline, drive and determination of your workout or training with you. This is how you create empowerment and instil confidence in yourself and others by example.

I worked with a client who opted to jump out of a plane –it was a challenge for a worthy cause—but she confessed to me on a segment of Story BuZZ (MarlowFM 97.5 Monday 2-3.30pm BST) she did it for her business because she was afraid of scaling up and getting bigger.  She needed to prove to herself she was fearless and could take a big risk without dying!  She literally made the BIG physical JUMP!

In Selkie stories the seal women would come to land to dance and birth their young.  If a man were to swipe their sealskin he would have a claim on the seal woman in human form for seven years, after seven years the skin by the laws of nature and the sacred should be returned to her.  But usually the ‘arrangement’ of the seal woman bearing his children, keeping his house and serving as his companion was a convenience he did not want to give up.  So the skin was hidden.  The old ones would call.  She would hear the call and long for the sea her natural home.  But without the skin…It usually fell to one of her own children, a medial child of land and sea, to find the skin and return it to her.  Then it was time –past time—for staying over long takes it’s toll.  The eyes dull, the skin flakes, the mind deadens the spirit wanes… you must CUT LOOSE AND DIVE IN

David Bowie is quoted as saying where you need to be in order to create is just past the place where your feet touch the bottom.  Where you have to swim out into the unknown.  That’s where the new life is where things get creative and necessary.  The fear is not touching ground; so root in strength of will and purpose.

So what is a challenge you’ve been dithering about?  I met a major challenge I have been considering for years –since I was a child really.  Here I am up at the Lake of my childhood; I have always wanted to swim across it.  It’s about a mile across half a mile wide.  This week I did it!  Twice!! 

What is the challenge you’re facing?  Is there a something in your business you’ve been dithering about doing?  Give yourself permission, get in proximity and CUT LOOSE AND DIVE IN!  Remember Fear is just excitement holding it’s breath.  Jump on a call with me –direct message me to grab a time. **HEADS UP** offering a free ZOOM to put together your ONE MINUTE STORY: DITCH THE PITCH AND TELL A STORY!