Finding Your Authentic Voice

Do you struggle to be heard? Do you have a message that doesn’t seem to be engage? You might be all message but no story. Struggling to be understood by your team you need to motivate remotely, whether they are in different homes offices or countries. How do you build momentum with your client community over the coming weeks and months?

The World has changed. We not only work differently; our priorities have changed too. This course will help you to clarify your message, work out how to say it with meaning to connect with your audience motivating action to make real progress – quickly.

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Course Overview

This 4-week course focuses on defining your message match it with the right story to communicate effectively, confidently, with purpose.

Learning techniques to become an effective speaker online and off,  engage your listeners as active participants  distill salient points and weave them into a real story that is memorable, moving people to take action towards a common goal.

Tap into your authentic voice using your natural expression. Build your skill speaking in a room and to camera incrementally weekly. Understand when it’s going right why it’s effective and how to make adjustments on your feet when it’s not.

We explore What a story IS what it can DO in practical working sessions and weekly tools and takeaways for use immediately.

By the end of 4 weeks you will have a 3 Stories: Value Purpose Founder and a Pitch!

Book a bonus one-to-one hour with Stacia. This is an hour dedicated to really focus on your vocal range breath support physical presence your story’s purpose and the action you want to ignite in your listeners.

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Course Experience

  • Learn vocal and physical techniques to craft your delivery from projection and expression to modulation tone and clarity.

  • Ability to infuse your words with truthful purposeful intention.

  • How to measure and monitor the effectiveness of your message in the moment: is it landing?

  • Define the anchoring statement identifying key points to amplify

  • Effective use of metaphor Intelligence (MQ) and emotional intelligence (EQ)

  • Crafting your story structure and staying on track

  • Put new methods into practice straight away; know when it’s working and how to fix it if it’s not

  • The art of listening

  • Access to a toolkit of materials and exercises to use during and after