You stare at the blank page. You look at the pile of paperwork. Visions like beautiful soap bubbles form in your mind if only or someday…and you sigh… So how does the work get done the building get built or the vison become reality…. or something come into being out of thin AIR?

There are loads of helpful blogs and #5minute article reads like this one; informing us ‘How To’ 7 Things you must do…5 things you need to dump…. Because what you need is Structure.

Structures take the form of routines that become habit – 30 days to make or break is the general rule. Boundaries to provide a container for the work. Coaches, mentor, role models are there for support. These Structures safeguard the work and gives it form, certainly, but also FREEDOM. Freedom?

Boundaries Successful improvs start with a few simple rules in the form of a question, a premise or condition even objects can be used. This is your starting point. Sometimes referred to in acting as ‘given circumstances’. Now reaching for an objective of a specific, beneficial and wholistic achievement. This causes tension and that tension like the warp and weft of the weave give shape and hold your vision together.

Setting the boundaries define the time and space and allows who you are and what you are doing –to flourish in a focused space. Because once you block out all the diluting distractions something unique and purified can emerge. You are held in the safety of the structural boundaries you’ve put in place.

Habits Seeding the idea taking the first step or action followed by the next and then the momentum starts to build. Fibonacci sequence found this is the code in nature from which everything is created and flourishes. It is the Golden Ratio. With this code momentum builds and growth occurs, blossoms happens. It always starts with 0 then 1-1 then 1-2-3-5-8-13-21…The rate increases the momentum builds and you are growing and blooming and on to the next creation that build on that successful creation and so on! Consistency is the key. Honoring your own boundaries is essential!

Scaffolding Is a structure of sorts but not THE structure. The scaffold is meant to build on prior knowledge. Typically, a learning experience, concept, or skill is broken up into discrete parts, then give assistance needed to learn each part. But then you take the scaffold away. Another method is Backward Chaining. Take the client all the way through to almost the end letting them finish each time through leave them more and more to finish until they are finally ready to initiate and can take on the whole process from beginning to end.

How are you structuring your life? Your work? Your dream? Take that first step. Seed an idea and plant it. Water it with habit and shine the light of a gleaming image of what it will become. Focus on your steps; first 0 then 1 then another 1…2-3-5-8…keep your eye on the prize has you move closer and closer to the object of your desire.