Tommy Caldwell and Kevin Jorgeson’s feat of free climbing the Dawn Wall was a vision which Tommy had dreamed …Life events are threshold moments in every life where the story changes in place, situation or state of being. Sometimes these are planned. Sometimes they occur as a choice put in motion by other events. Sometimes these are negative like a death or loss of a job or ability we once had …place we once lived. They can be positive like achieving a goal or marriage, going off on a gap year, growing up… These are the markers AI algorithms are picking up on when Facebook starts flooding your feed with bridal ads because you mentioned moving in with your boyfriend. These are the moments when people are in transition and a GAP opens in their mind; when your services, information or products could be just the thing they are looking for.  But what about planting the seeds of possibility? Igniting that aspiration?

How do you build trust before a Life Event arrives? Ellyn Raftery, EVP, Chief Marketing, Sales Operations & Communications Officer at FIS has noted in a thought piece Walking In Your Customers’ Shoes the banking industry who relies quite heavily on Life Event Marketing, before the event happens there’s the aspiration which they identify as the planning process. I think it goes even further into imaging your future self. You can plant the seed that encourages your audience to dream and awaken the aspiration to such a jump – transition or pivot or grow by showing them the possibilities and more importantly through a story that outlines strategies and possible choices; supply the code and establish yourself as the helpful character assisting them to achieve it.

While not every business is ready to jump into the deep end of predictive analytics, we can all make it easier for customers to find the trustworthy information they so desperately want.

The big trends in marketing and growing your audience in 2018 include the growth in Instant connection via live streaming no longer satisfied with faceless, generic marketing; customers want and expect real human interaction. This offers a perfect place to tell an episodic story, so you become that trusted guide. Your audience comes to expect your wisdom to show up at those cross-road moments, much like the Cheshire Cat did for Alice, or the Fairy Godmother did for Cinderella and the Puss did for his bootless master.

In Possible Selves co-authored by Paula Nuirus and Hazel Rose Marcus they’ve identified

Eliza Cummings Swam the P2P in 9hrs record time youngest swimmer at 19 years old

“…selves can be viewed as the cognitive manifestations of enduring goals, aspirations, motives, fears, and threats. Possible selves provide the specific self-relevant form, meaning, organisation and direction to these dynamics. As such, they provide the essential link between the self-concept and motivation.”

What better way to guide your audience of consumers and clients to a better version of themselves and their lives by helping them imagine it through the aspirational story you tell!

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