In every story, in every life there comes a moment –and usually more than once, we come to that crossroads where a defining decision has to be made. The decision defines our next action. Life as we have known it cannot go on in the way it has; a fork in the road, a diagnosis, loss, love, wins and events. In that moment we need to make a choice … the boy or the girl, revenge or forgiveness, the left or the right, the path of pins or the path of needles, my heart or my head, the greater good or good for me.

We think it’s complicated, but it comes down to ‘yes’ or ‘no’ a binary negative or positive. This yes/no choice actually presents itself to us every day –a million times.
Every story has this transformative moment. And there are only two transformations that are choices take us to… more fully alive or living dead.
When we choose gossip or blame or hiding, we are essentially choosing death. We become the Living Dead –doing whatever it takes to keep our job, climb over people to climb that corporate ladder….in the Apple TV series The Morning Show an excruciatingly identical depiction of the Matt Lauer Today Show melt down we see inside each of the characters’ choices as they explain, excuse and rationalize their predatory, sniping, self-serving, and sometimes self-preserving behavior only to turn around and admit they feel dead inside. The Living Dead.

The other choice the one that leaves us fully alive expressed by survivors of everything from abuse to disaster to world events like war and injustice; they survive by choosing kindness, humanness, altruistic truth telling and love. When we choose the positive then even though we lose our job, openly without judgement listen to a person who needs to be heard—even though they maybe talking a lot. Choose to choose life. And live fully –become fully alive in every choice you make. Don’t do it by half, or pull your punches –participate fully in all of life’s mess. When we speak our truth in the spirit of building bridges; sharing joy, opening up to opportunity –not matter if we fail or get hurt or it doesn’t work out…Transform into the next choice and the next, keep becoming more fully alive.

The beauty of a story –your story is that you can express the choices when you didn’t live up to the highest standard, what it cost you what you learned. Even making the positive life choice there is a cost and learning. What makes it compelling is of course the telling what you choose to tell, what you leave unspoken. How your voice and face and gesture express the feeling. That’s what draws us closer to empathizing and feeling it with you.

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