In this market place there are 3 kinds of brands: Company Brands, Product Bands and Personal Brands. Break any business into all three. There’s the name of your company (Apple for instance) there’s the product (iPhone, Pod, Pad etc) and then the person associated with it (Steve Jobs past away 5th October 2011 nearly 7 years ago and he is still the iconic personality associated with Apple).

People want a person they can associate with. You are your business or if part of a larger organisation representing that company as their human face and voice. So how do you connect with your clients and other prospective decision makers and develop a relationship with them? Just like you’d make friends anywhere…you need to reach out – personally and speak to people about you and what you stand for. So how do you stand up and have your say …what do you talk about and how do you get up and do it?

1.      Get Creative: You all have a story and it starts with YOU. Your experiences, your aspirations, how you met with adversity, made discoveries about yourself. What about your job? How can you turn it into something that you are passionate about and what about it lights you up? The ingenuity of how it’s done? The core reason for doing it the why? How about the people you serve? Lose yourself in something creative and greater than just the slog of data and worry of not being good enough.

2.      Speak OUT! Put the world to rights and start with your friends and colleagues. Speak out loud thoughts, ideas, and even pet peeves to see if you can find the logic or the humour or just get them off your chest. It gives you practice actually speaking, gives those thoughts and ideas an airing and you might find your view has resonance with others view point or you can have reflected for you the holes in your argument. Who knows you might get more information and actually extend and develop your thought

3.      Banana  A useful food for stress. Speakers, athletes and actors eat them before they work out or perform. Why? Many times, whilst recording, I’ve had to stop and redo sections of because of tummy rumbles. Eating a banana seems to fill me up just enough and satisfy this. It’s great healthy quick energy snack which is also full of potassium, so it elevates your mood. I know it’s weird but it really works!

The most important thing is to do it. Start small –like with conversations about what you know to people you know then try it out at the next networking event with people you don’t know then pretty soon you’ve got a regular story or talk and now you are ready to find a spotlight platform and a wider audience. Your business is YOU what you stand for what you do for who and why you do it. We need to see and HEAR from YOU!