“People sell to people” is a pat phrase for making your business more personable.  People aren’t buying they are INVESTING in businesses, products and services they believe are doing good in the world. Everyone wants to know what’s in their food, who makes their clothes, and how what you do is something they want to be a part of.

People TELL other people!  You can’t sell you unless you can tell you.  Before anyone buys anything these days they do their research with a few taps on their phone or Google to see what you do.  In fact, Google has a name for this: Zero Moment of Truth.  ZMOT means is that 70% of the consumer’s buying decision is being made before they even contact you – mull this over for a minute and try to think about how this affects your business.  NetWORKing 60 seconds in 60 minutes workshop

VIDEO A Consumer Behavior Survey this year by Hubspot showed that over half (55%) of users say they consume an entire video, compared to 33% for interactive articles and a lowly 29% for blogs, while podcasts trail the bottom of the table at 17%.  The most powerful person you can put in your video is YOU and the most powerful thing you can do in that video is tell a STORY.  I’ve teamed up with Green Kiwi Production with a package to put together an edited, story-crafted video for your business!

STORY is the new PITCH!  It’s not really new in fact it’s standard practice now –If your pitch is not in the form of a memorable, repeatable strategic story…then chances are what you are saying is not being heard. Telling a story allows you to take what would be a presentation and involve your audience.  Enlist them as participants.  What best practice do you want to share?  How are you and your business righting wrongs or realigning attitudes and creating a better world for us to share?  1:1 Coaching