Speak with Impact & Lead with Story

The age of the guru is over. There are new rules what made you an outsider in the old culture has prepared you to lead in the new culture. We are all looking for connection and story is the great equalizer.  Your story gives others permission to tell theirs.

It’s an incredible time of recalibration and listening.  Now is a time to work out your ideas your vision your story of possibility. I’m working with clients on their trailblazing story using vocal techniques and structuring devices to amplify their authentic voice and tell their story so it resonates with their tribe.

By working 1:1 we can tailor our exploration to take you from your current speaking level whether nervous novice or jaded professional with habits you need to address to truly free the storytelling trailblazer you are. You will experience tangible changes and progress over the coming weeks rather than months.

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Weekly Online Coaching

Weekly online coaching will help you to clarify your message and illuminate it with your wisdom in the form of stories from your experience.

We discover your wealth of stories, put them in clear structures work on your delivery technique and basic stagecraft to captivate and transform your audience from listeners to action takers—joining you for the adventure ahead.

Now is a good time to take stock and build on your natural ability and be ready to lead into the future of this brave new world.

By having weekly sessions, you’ll progress in a shorter time which means you can be ready to be spread the word on LIVES online, in podcasts or summits as a key person of influence in your field.

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