Attract the Right People with the Right Story Transform Your Audience and Yourself

You are at the top of your game so now it’s time to change the rules.  Share the wisdom you have gained

I can help you articulate your value purpose and vision attracting the right people to build your dream with a clear message and a great story. Your story.

How Does It Work:

  • Identify Your Message

  • Develop Your Authentic Voice

  • Structure Content into a Compelling Story

  • Deliver with Virtual Impact & In Person Resonance 

  • Motivate People to Action 

Who I Work With:

  • Independent Businesses Leaders Ready to Establish Their Own Voice
  • Entrepreneurs Speaking at Events, on Panels and Accepting Awards
  • Start-Ups Who Want to Scale.

If you are ready to move forward, a change making on the move, I am here to help you create the maximize your moment and start a movement!


Talk To Me!

1-1 Coaching

Now is the time to think creatively and speak confidently.

1-1 coaching

Weekly online coaching will help you find your authentic voice, clarify your structure and develop delivery techniques to serve you going forward in any medium whilst being agile and resilient. Now is the time to think creatively and speak confidently.


We’re all walking the new walk but are we talking the new talk? Connect to Your Voice & Message


This 90 minute workshop online will give you an opportunity to practice new delivery techniques exploring new story possibilities to deliver your message for our brave new world

Content & Delivery Group Incubator

Land Your Message Move Your Audience to Action

Content & Delivery Group Incubator

This 6 week online group will help you to find your authentic voice, use it effectively, structure your message to connect with your audience motivate action. Nail Your Pitch and your Value, Purpose & Origin Story

“Stacia is an incredibly talented, committed and creative individual. I worked with Stacia on a mutual client project and have been utterly impressed with her workshop. She was quick to understand a complex industry and pull stories from the current state of the world into an impactful call-to-action pitch for our client. Her passion for storytelling is undeniable, and she was able to help our client untangle their thoughts and messages into something cohesive and tangible. Walking away from her workshop, the client had a story that could be used in an investor pitch, and my agency had some incredible stories ready to share across social media to engage their audience. I’d highly recommend Stacia to any business who wants to tell their story and share their values.”

Stacey Kehoe , Brandlective Communications Founder & Director

“I’ve had the pleasure and privilege of working with Stacia on my Signature Story and found her knowledge, enthusiasm and support invaluable. She really knows her stuff and delivers it in a way that is engaging, helpful and inspiring”

Andrea Newton , Achievement by Design HR Consultant

“Stacia’s skill lies in showing how to deliver jaw-dropping moments that light up a room, how to use the power of your voice to create vivid pictures that leave a lasting impression and how to deliver presentations with punch.

I’ve seen her captivate an audience of female founders and inspire them to embrace storytelling. She’s shared her knowledge and skills with her fellow members at seasonal Plum Workshops. How lucky is Sister Snog to have such an accomplished storyteller as a member of the tribe.

Stacia is both generous and gregarious. She’s entertaining and engaging. She’s a wonderful teacher and a terrific trainer. For individuals. For teams.”

Hela Wozniak-Kay , Director at Sister Snog