Presentations: Rescue Package

Storytelling is the best strategies.

Got a presentation that is filling you with dread? Are you boring people with facts and figures, features and benefits? You need a core story to give it context and impact

A good story hooks interest with curiosity, builds in elements of surprise and discovery, converts decision makers into action takers and establishes your unique-ness! Making sense of the most complex concepts.

Where do these great stories come from?  From you and your research! That gleaming detail is in there and we will bring it out and weave it through your presentation ensuring it is memorable for you and your audience for the right reasons!

I will work with you for 90 minutes to uncover the insightful story you have & craft the content to resonate with your message then refine the delivery.  Using vocal techniques, practical exercises, and deep listening practices to find, form and deliver your presentation with impact!

You will discover:

✓ Identify The Purpose of Your Presentation
✓ Design the Story that Aligns with Your Message
✓ Structure Your Presentation with a Story Cornerstone
✓ Delivery Techniques: Vocal Tone, Facial Expression and Physical Gesture

90 Minutes £149 to Put a Story at the Heart of Your Presentation

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