Presentations: Design & Delivery

Storytelling is the best strategies.

A good personal story is inspirational, builds relationships, creates dialogue and invites vision and establishes your unique-ness! Making sense of the most complex concepts.

Where do these great stories come from?  From MOMENTS of  TRANSITION Those turning points in your life when you faced a difficult decision, life event or a surprising pivot which changed your life forever.

In this workshop I will work with you to uncover these insightful stories & craft the content to resonate with your message and refine the delivery.  Using visual techniques, practical exercises, and writing practices to find, form and deliver your presentation with impact!

You will discover:

✓ Identify The Purpose of Your Presentation
✓ Define the Story that Aligns with Your Message
✓ Structure Your Presentation
✓ Delivery Techniques: Vocal Tone, Facial Expression and Physical Gesture

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