Storytelling is one of the best strategies to Deliver Your Message

A good BUSINESS Story is a Purpose Told Story.  Making sense of the most complex concepts, inviting consideration and ultimately conversion to ACTION.

Where do these great stories come from?


Turning points in your life when you faced a difficult decision, life event or a surprising pivot which changed your life forever.

In this 90-minute workshop for $150 we will uncover those threshold moments identify the central question that aligns with your key message with tips for delivery.


Let me help you find YOUR VOICE, IGNITE your talk by structuring your TALK INTO STORY and INSPIRE your audience to take ACTION!

You will discover:

✓ Identify The Purpose of Your Presentation
✓ Define the Story that Aligns with Your Message
✓ Structure Your Presentation
✓ Delivery Techniques: Vocal Tone, Facial Expression and Physical Gesture

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