How it works:

✓ We set a date for to work together remotely

✓  Pre-prep work is sent out the week before  to help you find the themes you need to deliver and the stories you have

✓  Identifying the key stories and messages you want to deliver

✓ We start at 10 am for a 60-90 minute Zoom where I interview you about your business, personal and client stories.

✓ We reflect on the prep work and dig out the Key Question or Theme that shows up in your stories.

✓Identify the memorable ‘jaw-dropping moment’

✓Clarify the Action you want your listener to take.

✓ Then find the gleaming detail that runs like a thread throughout your stories to highlight in your Business Story and example in your Client Story.

Throughout the afternoon I work on pulling together all the key insights and valuable nuggets of wisdom.  Weaving it together and simplifying it all into a key message.  I will shape and craft your story so it works for you.  I will send you this over the course of the afternoon, in a rough draft, then a second version with your preferences for tone, voice and style.  We’ll work together to make sure it feels right for you.

At the end of the day you will have a clear concise compelling version of your Business Story written for you to use as a keynote and or marketing message you can drip feed across all your communication platforms .


Simple Powerful and YOURS.

I’m pricing it as £497 or two payments of £257

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