A good story takes you and your listeners into the personal space between the big events and amplifies how and why you made the choices you did in the gaps. What happened?  What drove you to take the action that you did?

Your Signature Story is the corner stone to Presentations, Public Speaking Signature Talk, Corporate Training or Spoken Word and TEDx performance.

How it works:

✓ We set a date for to work together remotely

✓  Pre-prep work is sent out the week before  to help you find the themes you need to deliver and the stories you have

✓  Identifying the key stories and messages you want to deliver

✓ We start at 10 am for a 60-90 minute Zoom where I interview you about your business, personal and client stories.

✓ We reflect on the prep work and dig out the Key Question or Theme that shows up in your stories.

✓Identify the memorable ‘jaw-dropping moment’

✓Clarify the Action you want your listener to take.

✓ Then find the gleaming detail that runs like a thread throughout your stories to highlight in your Business Story and example in your Client Story.

Throughout the afternoon I work on pulling together all the key insights and valuable nuggets of wisdom.  Weaving it together and simplifying it all into a key message.  I will shape and craft your story so it works for you.  I will send you this over the course of the afternoon, in a rough draft, then a second version with your preferences for tone, voice and style.  We’ll work together to make sure it feels right for you.

At the end of the day you will have a clear concise compelling version of your Business Story written for you to use as a keynote and or marketing message you can drip feed across all your communication platforms .

Simple Powerful and YOURS.

 £497 or two payments of £257

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