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How We Can Work Together

Do you want to get control of your audience, situation and message?

Deliver your presentation like a dynamic conversation?

Shape the content and structure of your presentation so it connects with your audience calls them to action?

1:1  Coaching    

I offer expert, confidence-building coaching to professionals preparing you to present to groups at a lunch, a launch, meeting, pitch, conference, festival or the next networking event.

 3 x 2 hour sessions over 6 weeks £1200 or Retainer by monthly arrangement £350 6 month commitment 

✓  Build a Story Based Presentation that Delivers Your Message with Impact

✓  Being able to Prepare, Project and Protect Your Voice

✓  Knowing how to Confidently Own the Stage from the Start

✓  Use Different Performance Styles for Different Audiences, Settings and Mediums

Make your 60 Seconds STAND OUT

60 minutes to work on that crucial 60 second ‘elevator pitch’.  You will come away able to communicate who you are, who you serve and why it’s important £47 schedule here 

✓ How to start conversation
✓ Clearly define who you are and what you do
✓ Expand on your process and outcomes
✓ Facilitate connections that lead to new business relationships


“I didn’t know I needed a Tagline and after an hour I have a fabulous one that will help me get speaking in any situation.”
Helen Gifford
“Great morning Stacia! Made me think outside of the box and find things to say that will touch people’s emotions. Thank you!”
Asya Barskaya-Lebed Photography
“Brilliant. Made me think differently. More to offer than I realised. 60 minutes well spent.”
Pipe Major Graham Waller