Cut Loose and Dive In

I recently started to explore open water swimming.  It has been calling me for some while this need to immerse myself and challenge myself.  Once you are out in the Lake there is no where to touch down.  You have to keep going.  Reaching out, kicking …Breathing In our entrepreneurial journey or life adventure you [...]

THRESHOLD MOMENTS: Where the Best Stories are Found

THRESHOLD MOMENTS are those turning points in your life when you faced a difficult decision, life event or a surprising pivot which changed your life forever.   Your standing at the cross roads- literally –trying to decide which way to go. To the left the path of needles to the right the path of pins… that was [...]

Why Introverts are the BEST Networkers

An oxymoron I know! …but actually so true! I was privileged to attend a Just Got Made networking event in the inner sanctum of Makerversity in Somerset House.  I learnt from creative makers who prefer the solitude of their workshops and studios to the court & spark of a cast of thousands gathering strategies they [...]

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The Power of Speech!

Women have united across the world so the power of gathering was felt but what was lacking?  Same as in the Occupy Movement.  It is movement with no direction.  Ironically the numbers were so large that they couldn’t march.  Really?  When an army advances this never seems to be a problem.  In fact, this is [...]

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2017 Trends for this year in COMMUNICATION

“People sell to people” is a pat phrase for making your business more personable.  People aren’t buying they are INVESTING in businesses, products and services they believe are doing good in the world. Everyone wants to know what’s in their food, who makes their clothes, and how what you do is something they want to [...]

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The Fear Factor:  5 Ways to Beat it!

Just a quick Google search reveals that 90% of people fear speaking in public!  Yet word of mouth and personal interaction is your biggest and best selling tool! So what are you scared of? Here's what a quick survey of some of my clients say petrify them:   Forgetting what I'm are going to say! [...]

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5 Ways to Tell Your Story

  So Why Story?   Because we’re social creatures by nature, we’re naturally drawn to stories we can relate to either the place, person the situation or feeling.  People are moved by heartfelt emotion. In other words, something to inspire a genuine human connection. Stories use something to impart wisdom that doesn’t take anything more [...]

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Tape When I was a dancer I loved tape. I taped everything. Shoes. Clothes. Taping toes, joints, muscles....any pain –tape its mouth shut! Tape seemed to afford the strength, the stability that my body somehow lacked. It was like I was literally holding myself together with TAPE! What would happen when the tape came off? [...]

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