Influence, Inspire, SUCCEED with Your Story

Everybody has a good idea but can you make your good idea relevant to the industry? To the public? So that it becomes a reality in product, practice and process? Only if you think of the public as individuals and allies! Why does it matter to me? Why should it matter to you and how will my good idea make your life, business or job better!

1. TELL A STORY we all have a story to tell but how to make it relevant to the concept we want recognized and funded or supported by the industry?
Many technical presentations are weighed down with facts and figures and ‘rational’. Use of story gives context to new ideas and practices demonstrating their practical application: DESIRE to be cutting edge!

Kathryn Parsons co-founded DECODED in 2011, a company which offers courses that teach anyone, even complete novices, how to code in a single day – “When you focus on the story your business has to tell: your mission, how your business is making the world even a little bit of a better place. You get to the point where the alumni speak for themselves, and ours have been amazing evangelists for Decoded. Every time we teach 10 people we create new evangelists for the digital world – 50% of our business has come through recommendation.”
2. ELEVATE YOUR LANGUAGE Language that inspires, language that educates and enlightens…Invent new language!!!
Clever use of language and ability to explain yourself and your ideas on every level engages your audience, reinforces your credibility and the soundness of your new idea.

Science and technology revolutionize our lives, but memory, tradition and myth frame our response. – Arthur Schlesinger (Historian)

“He [Steve Jobs] was one of the best mentors in the world,” said Apple CEO, Tim Cook. “He was a great teacher. This is something that’s never written about him,” he added, explaining Jobs would work hard to try to ensure people understood what he was trying to teach them.

Figures of speech help to illustrate your points and concepts with Alliteration, Assonance, Metaphor, Simile, Puns, Rhythm and Rhyme adds not only an element of interest and fun but creates tag lines, buzz words and make your presentation easy to remember and deliver!

3. RAISE THE ENERGY LEVEL Confident and Innovate delivery both spoken, visual, physical and most importantly emotionally are accessible and inviting.

Apple’s senior vice president of software engineering, Craig Federighi, is being featured at conferences and presentation more and more as he’s the most compelling business presenter since Steve Jobs. Why? Federighi doesn’t just walk on stage. He leaps, strides and exudes passion and enthusiasm in his voice and gestures. He has a smile on his face. He laughs easily. His energy level is high — much higher than the average presenter.

As Steve Jobs is quoted “People with Passion can change the world.”

How you embody that passion and enthusiasm and belief in what you do is what will enhance and lend credibility to your talk making it more of a conversation that elicits response.
Stacia Keogh I am an expert at what I do and respect your expertise so let’s put our experience and knowledge together to create a cracking good presentation, pitch or TED talk. Maybe you just want to be able to rock that 60 second elevator pitch? I can help by observation and offering feedback and strategies. Or we can create something new from scratch.

I want you give you the skills to do it for this presentation and then transfer it to any presentation. There is nothing more exciting to me than uncovering the tale of how and why something works and my happily ever after is all about your ideas becoming reality! With an empathy for techies with loads of information to share let me help you become the master of your message.

I offer you an opportunity to find out how you can improve your talk and gain confidence speaking in public with a no cost review consultation for you to discover what tools you need for your next stress free presentation! To book your session call 07752402907 or email now.

“I didn’t know I needed a Tagline and after an hour I have a fabulous one that will help me get speaking in any situation.”
Helen Gifford
“Great morning Stacia! Made me think outside of the box and find things to say that will touch people’s emotions. Thank you!”
Asya Barskaya-Lebed Photography
“Brilliant. Made me think differently. More to offer than I realised. 60 minutes well spent.”
Pipe Major Graham Waller