Pitching the Apps!

Get ready to learn a whole new language APPlied in an unscripted competition show, which follows enterprising hopefuls as they pitch new in some cases bizarre phone applications to a panel of celebrity judges. Welcome to Apple’s answer to the Dragons Den Shark Tank Apprentice PLANET OF THE APPS. Now on Apple TV. These apps range [...]

Building Blocks of Creation

You stare at the blank page. You look at the pile of paperwork. Visions like beautiful soap bubbles form in your mind if only or someday…and you sigh… So how does the work get done the building get built or the vison become reality…. or something come into being out of thin AIR? There are [...]

Your 60 Seconds in 60 Minutes

How do you really connect with people? When do you feel the snap of recognition? What draws you to another? Once drawn how do they spark the interest to take you into a further conversation and possibly persuade you to meet again? There is a knack to it and you can learn and it in [...]

The Fear Factor!!

As actors, we were always told to turn pre-performance nerves into butterflies of excitement. Moving on from this –I’ve gone one better and always dive straight in and start swimming away before the fear catches up with me. Beating Fear by running like a manic or distracting doesn’t do much to build confidence –really because [...]

Choosing the Right Word

Changing Your Word Choice Can Transform Your Message Getting You Exactly What You Desire… Instead of what you want.  Ever been in a situation searching for the right word that would put it right?  Clarify the situation. Explain succinctly.  Storytelling is all the rage and everyone from business professionals using them to sell  to life [...]

Is Your Craft Showing?

But while everyone is concentrating on technique getting 'booked'  I think some of the reason behind the need to speak are getting lost.  I am seeing people exhibiting their hard learned technique to raise their personal or business profile and forgetting the real importance is the message. Coaches and clubs do some great things like:  [...]

Why Introverts are the BEST Networkers

An oxymoron I know! …but actually so true! I was privileged to attend a Just Got Made networking event in the inner sanctum of Makerversity in Somerset House.  I learnt from creative makers who prefer the solitude of their workshops and studios to the court & spark of a cast of thousands gathering strategies they [...]

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The Power of Speech!

Women have united across the world so the power of gathering was felt but what was lacking?  Same as in the Occupy Movement.  It is movement with no direction.  Ironically the numbers were so large that they couldn’t march.  Really?  When an army advances this never seems to be a problem.  In fact, this is [...]

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2017 Trends for this year in COMMUNICATION

“People sell to people” is a pat phrase for making your business more personable.  People aren’t buying they are INVESTING in businesses, products and services they believe are doing good in the world. Everyone wants to know what’s in their food, who makes their clothes, and how what you do is something they want to [...]

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No More FOMO!!

Spread Your Message Fear Free! 2 minute read FOMOˈfəʊməʊ/noun/informal anxiety that an exciting or interesting event may currently be happening elsewhere, often aroused by posts seen on a social media website. "I realized I was a lifelong sufferer of FOMO" In this age of Trump Brexit ISIS and all the other scary monsters out there [...]

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