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5 Ways to Tell Your Story

  So Why Story?   Because we’re social creatures by nature, we’re naturally drawn to stories we can relate to either the place, person the situation or feeling.  People are moved by heartfelt emotion. In other words, something to inspire a genuine human connection. Stories use something to impart wisdom that doesn’t take anything more [...]

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Spinning Straw Into Gold

Spinning Straw into Gold isn't as hard as it could be you see for straw is at least the right color, but it takes practice.  What you must do is to sit very still at the spinning wheel and think of all the golden things in the forest: of lichens that blossom a golden green [...]


Tape When I was a dancer I loved tape. I taped everything. Shoes. Clothes. Taping toes, joints, muscles....any pain –tape its mouth shut! Tape seemed to afford the strength, the stability that my body somehow lacked. It was like I was literally holding myself together with TAPE! What would happen when the tape came off? [...]

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Rip Tide

Just keep swimming just keep swimming that's what Dory in 'Finding Nemo' advises us to do.  Certainly when we are moving or making the motions of movement we feel like we're at least trying and 'getting somewhere'. Are we? In the case of a rip tide just keep swimming will lead to exhaughtion and eventually [...]

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When the Fire Goes Out

OMG the boiler is out again and I can't get it relit!  This keeps happening and I think it must be prophetic as I have had plumbers and the 'Heateam' from the manufacuter out...all scratching their heads and stroking their chins and sucking in their breath wondering what to do... When the fire goes out [...]

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