Stacia Keogh

After years of building a business as a peripatetic LAMDA voice & speech teacher I found myself sat in a presentation with other SMEs to hear from a tech professional who knew their stuff BUT wasn’t able to EXPRESS it.  I thought I can help this person!  By organizing their content and clarifying the delivery…

In that same week I witnessed another presentation about presentations.  This time a heavily accented director from a drama conservatory gave a talk about presenting.  She should-ed and shamed her audience of quite senior business women and they all dutifully noted down her every word!  I thought WHAT?!  These women need to be given tips TO DO!  I have so many practical tools and strategies that support and deliver real results…

I decided to use the acting techniques and performance experience I gained as a jobbing actor and all those years as a storyteller and drama practitioner in schools, public venues, and community settings to craft presentations resulting in ACTION. Through listening to my audience I learned instinctively how to tell a story that resonated and was repeated.

I strengthened my voice and sharpened my resolve to enable people to tell confidently presented Stories that transform, delight and ignite!  So that’s how StoryPreZ was born.

I am passionate about uncovering the STORY  behind the good idea, the business practice, the service, the product and help you to tell YOU to inspire your Team, Stand Out to Clients and Customers.

“I didn’t know I needed a Tagline and after an hour I have a fabulous one that will help me get speaking in any situation.”
Helen Gifford
“Great morning Stacia! Made me think outside of the box and find things to say that will touch people’s emotions. Thank you!”
Asya Barskaya-Lebed Photography
“Brilliant. Made me think differently. More to offer than I realised. 60 minutes well spent.”
Pipe Major Graham Waller