Stacia Keogh

I uncover the STORY behind the good idea, the business practice, the service, the product and enable you to tell it with impact. Whether inspiring your Team, Standing Out to Clients or Introducing a New Practice, Idea or Innovation. The world is waiting to hear your story!!

I have a diverse and rich background in performance and teaching.  I trained as an Actor with 20 years’ experience as a Performance Storyteller and Artist in Residence in the USA, Ireland and UK. I tell traditional tales with contemporary flare.

I’m a Teacher of Speech and Drama for London Academy of Music and Dramatic Arts.  In between acting jobs I worked with advertising agencies and production houses.; notably J Walter Thompson, The Really Useful Group, Imagination and did a stint as an Education Officer at Kew Gardens.

I’ve been working with Entrepreneurs and Business Leaders to deliver story based presentations over the last 2 years enabling them to communicate clearly and effectively in all public forms.  I facilitate, train, teach, act, coach and TELL STORIES  to transform, delight and ignite!

“I didn’t know I needed a Tagline and after an hour I have a fabulous one that will help me get speaking in any situation.”
Helen Gifford
“Great morning Stacia! Made me think outside of the box and find things to say that will touch people’s emotions. Thank you!”
Asya Barskaya-Lebed Photography
“Brilliant. Made me think differently. More to offer than I realised. 60 minutes well spent.”
Pipe Major Graham Waller